Intelligent Reporting

  • Intelligent reporting system for the Protective Coatings Industry
  • Revolutionising quality control, data recording and communication
  •  A professional, cost-effective and time-saving solution for Contractors and
    Inspectors worldwide
  • Report Selection of ISO, SSPC, ASTM, AS Standards
  • Quality Control and Professional Reporting

What can IRIS do for my business ?

Save Time And Increase Efficiency

  • Put simply, real-time recording and direct data input save time and money!
  • IRIS allows immediate onsite recording by Supervisors, Managers, and Inspectors of ambient conditions, surface preparation and all test data.  The digital paint reporting system produces a professional report instantly whether on-site or in a factory
  • Viewable as a web page or a pdf you can easily monitor quality control, non-conformances and align to industry standards of the protective coatings industry

No Signal? No Problem

  • The digital reporting software IRIS does not require an internet connection, it works whenever, wherever. On this innovative app, storage is cloud-based, generating paperless reports
  • Inspection reports are then instantly downloaded as soon as an internet connection is available
  • Working in real-time and inputting data on-site reduces the risk of recording errors

Excellent communication opportunities

  • Professional reports sent directly from factory or site to the client and/or multiple recipients show that you have your finger on the pulse
  • No more time spent sitting in the office writing reports and duplicating work cutting admin costs for your business in an instant

Compliance management

  • In this unique system, relevant international standards are implemented, taking Quality Control and Compliance Management to a whole new level
  • Manage your testing equipment and monitor calibration requirements from within IRIS
  • Compliance issues are covered with this clever little app, giving you and your clients peace of mind

Reduce your costs

  • A digital database and paperless reporting naturally reduce admin costs and expenses 
  • Access your reports quickly with the click of a mouse or the push of a button, no more piles of paper to organise and store. Share items instantly via a web link or a PDF document
  • Lost files simply become a thing of the past with this inspection reporting software

IRIS can make you a Superhero!

  • ‘Well, not literally but… it can help you massively reduce your carbon footprint by its pure nature of being a paperless system, therefore, make you a ‘saving the planet’ sort of hero
  • Every piece of paper you don’t use is another step forward in reducing the environmental impact of your business
  • Clients like to see you taking your corporate social responsibility seriously and by using IRIS you immediately get to claim bragging rights

Stand out from the crowd & win more tenders

  • In the day of instant communications, having IRIS to produce immediate professional inspection reports is a Unique Selling Point to your business
  • Demonstrate a forward-thinking company and one that moves with the times. Using IRIS could be the one thing that makes you stand out from the crowd and win that tender

Get Paid Quicker, WHY NOT!

  • The sooner the job is finished and the reports are finalised and submitted the sooner you can invoice right? IRIS simply makes the whole finishing up process so much quicker
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