Intelligent Reporting


The Intelligent Reporting Software is specifically developed to
revolutionise the way in which Quality Control data is recorded and
documents are handled in the protective coatings industry.


What is IRIS

The Intelligent Reporting Inspection Software (IRIS) is a cloud based, multi-platform tool with applications for both Contractors and Inspectors who work in the coatings industry.

Who We Are

The IRIS team comprises of ICorr and NACE Inspectors, the UK’s leading paint consultant and our dynamic and creative IT team.

Our Aim

The concept of IRIS started back in 2011, with one main aim, improve the way in which quality control data is handled in the coatings industry

Key Features

  • Instant reporting
  • Secure storage
  • On/Off-line data entry
  • Instant communication
  • Multi-platform
  • Professional reporting
  • Reports in accordance with International standards