5 Benefits of Real-Time Collaboration Tools for Coating Contractors and Inspectors

Intelligent Reporting Software Is the Future That Has Arrived Today

The apex of work management software for coating contractors and inspectors must surely be real-time collaboration tools. Discussing issues and negotiating solutions when the issue is first discovered, you’re less likely to omit details and more likely to arrive at cost-effective action.

Email is so dated

Email is a great tool, there is no disputing this. But for some work – and we’re sure you’ve noticed this – email is a dated way to communicate. Consider the following scenario…

You’ve been on-site to inspect protective coating that is being applied and taken several pages of notes. These must be amalgamated into a report, and you need to email this to your client. There’s an issue with the type of system being applied, and work will be held up until this is resolved.

You email the client, and they call you to discuss. But before they can agree on your recommended action, they need a report with images attached. You’re not going to be able to do that until you’re back in the office.

This means no decision until tomorrow at the latest – and you’ll need to spend a couple of hours composing a report for them from your notes. Not good for your personal time management and quality of life.

The difference that real-time collaboration tools make

Real-time collaboration tools leapfrog the hurdle of outdated working practices. You can share what you see immediately, add notes, and discuss a solution as if you and your client are standing side by side. 

The benefits of real-time collaboration make a real difference to you and your client in the following key areas:

1. Reducing confusion with clear communication

Because you are sharing what you see in real time and can alter descriptions and upload new views immediately, any complexities can be easily ironed out. This enables clear communication and better interaction between you and your client.

2. Feedback is instant

Feedback on the work you are doing is instant. There is no delay while waiting for exchange of emails, and this ensures that the project can stay on track as all relevant information is shared with all interested parties simultaneously.

You don’t need to wait for a response from email. What difference does this really make? 

Well, according to a study by McKinsey & Company, we spend an average of 28% of our time at work reading and answering emails. Other research shows that office workers receive an average of 124 emails each day.  

In time and amount, we’re overloaded with emails. That means yours is at risk of being lost in the flood of emails into your recipient’s inbox – holding up action even further.

3. Information is always up to date

Have you worked on a document that has been emailed to you, made revisions, and then realised that changes have been made in a subsequent email? Frustrating, isn’t it?

Using real-time collaborative tools removes this problem. The changes you make are shared immediately, and that ensures that information is always up to date, leading to fewer errors and more accurate assessments.

4. Shared knowledge produces better results

When knowledge is shared, the different perspectives and experience of all those involved can enlighten team decision-making. Real-time collaboration reduces knowledge gaps, improves skillsets, and allows seamless information-sharing should someone move on.

5. Save time and improve productivity by communicating in real time

Better visual communication. Fewer meetings. More efficient communication, with no need for long email trails. 

The time you can save by working in real time with your team is a major reason to use collaboration tools. The time that is saved translates directly into improving productivity.

What difference could real-time collaboration make to your business?

Sharing more accurate information in real time with your clients, in a way that reduces confusion, allows you to discuss issues immediately and make more informed and more effective decisions. 

The associated productivity gains will feed directly to your bottom line.

As your reputation for excellence grows, your client base will follow.

Real-time collaboration has the potential to expand your free time and your business. Aren’t you benefitting from real-time collaboration tools already?

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