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What can IRIS do for me?

Saves you time and increases efficiency

Record all essential information in real time while you are on-site. Input data such as ambient conditions, surface preparation, application sessions, test data, plant, equipment, and labour. Immediate and real-time accessibility on your database, improving your time management and team efficiency.

Work On/Off-line

Even without an internet connection, you can use IRIS. With work face data entry and paperless reporting, you can work anytime, anyplace. Download the data when you next connect to the database – maximising your time, reducing error, and improving your environmental footprint with paperless reporting.

Enables more efficient communication

Send reports to clients electronically while on-site. There’s no need to wait until you are in the office. There’s no need to sit for hours inputting data creating reports to send. Your reports are done for you at time of data entry, and you can send immediately to multiple recipients from your mobile device.

Provides worry-free compliance management

IRIS improves your compliance management. All your reports are made in line with relevant international standards, which are hardcoded into IRIS. You can also manage your testing equipment and monitor calibration requirements. Necessary compliance issues are covered for you, your business, and your clients.

Reduces your costs

A digital database improves office efficiency, reducing your admin costs. No more piles of paperwork. Reports can be found with a click of a mouse or the push of a keyboard button. Filing cabinets become a thing of the past, and so do lost files. Easily share your reports with customers via a link or PDF.

Improves your environmental credentials

IRIS reduces your carbon footprint. A digital, paperless system, IRIS helps you to do your bit for the planet. Every piece of paper you don’t use is a step toward saving our rainforests, reducing the environmental impact of your work and your business. Another tick in your corporate social responsibility box.

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Pricing Plan

Save time. Work more effectively. Reduce compliance issues. Provide reports to clients while still on-site. Reduce your costs. Save the planet. All this, in the palm of your hand. For the price of a coffee and cake each week.

Annual Plan

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