Protective Coating Professionals – Why go paperless?

It’s Time to Benefit from the Digital Revolution

In a digital world, it’s odd that we are asked the same question so often: Why go paperless?

Let’s look at the potential benefits of joining the digital revolution and adding IRIS (Intelligent Reporting Inspection Software) to your toolbox.

The real cost of paperwork

Your office and operation rely on its paperwork, but you probably don’t spend much time thinking about how much that paperwork is costing you.

According to calculations made by the Office of National Statistics, the cost of paperwork in the construction industry is a staggering £1,500 per year for every employee in a business. How so? Here is a summary of the research behind this number:

  • Workers spend an average of 91 hours on paperwork 
  • Each worker spends an average of 38 hours each year filling out paperwork – a whole week of lost productivity
  • The average worker spends two whole days each year looking for paperwork

Paper reports take time to compile and complete. Often, these are printed and sent to clients, with copies filed in space-consuming cabinets. The files may become misfiled, mislaid, or lost over time.

5 benefits of digital document software for protective coating professionals

It’s not unusual for protective coating specialists to carry a case full of notebooks, pens, and all the paraphernalia associated with managing their day and their reports on paper. They take copious notes and several photos, which will need to be compiled into a report later.

Using IRIS, you’ll experience many benefits, including the following:

1. Greater efficiency

From working more effectively on-site, including the five benefits of real-time collaboration tools for coating contractors and inspectors (clear communication; instant feedback; up-to-date information; shared knowledge; and time saved), to more efficient office processes, going paperless is a win/win for businesses.

On-site practices become more standardised, and files are easily found and shared in the office.

2. Improved security

The IRIS system allows you to set levels of access and control, meaning your files are stored more securely. With the option to backup all your files in the cloud, you’ll never lose another file again.

3. More effective time management

It’s not only fast and safe retrieval of files that saves time. Operatives in the field store their notes and images directly to the system. There is now no need to spend hours compiling a report from scribbled notes and spending painstaking time attaching images. The report is produced for you and can be sent back to the office or to clients with a few clicks on your mobile device.

4. Consistent and professional reports

With templated reports, the content you send to clients is consistent and professional. It’s going to be easier to read and digest information, and the quality of presentation (as well as the speed of getting your report sent) will enhance your professional reputation.

5. Improving your bottom line

With more professional, consistent, and efficient paperwork, the average paperwork cost of £1,500 per employee will melt away. Plus, of course, you’ll be doing your bit to help save the planet from environmental destruction.

Why go paperless? You are already part of the digital revolution

Switching from how you do things now to a paperless digital system is a big step. Or is it? You are already part of the digital revolution.

Every day, you use digital technology to make your life easier. You access news on your mobile phone. A coffee machine makes your favourite morning drink. You switch TV channels by remote control. Your important correspondence and financial statements are sent by email. You even do all your banking online.

Your personal life has benefitted tremendously from the digital revolution. It has saved you time and money, and it has helped to make your life easier and more enjoyable. It’s easy to have the same benefits in your professional life as a protective coating professional.

The IRIS system is the ultimate tool in your professional toolbox. It also costs far less than you might expect it to. For less than the price of a coffee and cake each week, you and your business could start to benefit immediately. 

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